Friday, May 1, 2009

Is this technically "lunch blog?"

Well, this is one of the worst things I’ve seen in my life:
Canned Chicken

Yup, Sweet Sue’s homestyle country goodness: an entire chicken in an effing can. Everything about this screams “homestyle” — I’ll never forget on my grandpa’s farm those mornings when we’d wake up at the crack of dawn, scoop up the freshest eggs you’ve ever tasted from the henhouse, then cram fifty of them at a time into a can against all that is natural, seal the can, then take the can to our breakfast table and take turns drinking directly from it, until we realized how horrible it was and immediately stopped doing it and agreed we were stupid.

After the jump, a picture of the actual chicken itself. DO NOT CLICK if you’re squeamish, or have eaten lunch within the past lifetime. It’s not quite Faceless Cat territory, but holy lord is it close:
The Worst Thing Ever

It’s like a Ridley Scott alien took a dump that had a little baby alien stuck in it, threw everything in a can, then opened the can a month later and turned it upside down.

If this is somehow one of your guerrilla tactics to make us all puke, PETA, then well played.

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