Friday, January 29, 2010

Chat: Rise of the Na'vi: In search of Avatar box office stats mojo

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Topic: Avatar and elusive, much pondered movie box office comparison stats

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[16:42] Andrew:
[16:42] Chris : ha!
[16:42] Chris : I bookmarked this for later
[16:42] Chris : think it's the chart site I have been looking for (all my life)
[16:43] Chris : ha, so.....yeah.....
[16:43] Chris : long way to go Na'Vi
[16:43] Andrew: hmmm, seems very familiar lol
[16:44] Tim: interesting Forrest Gump at 22
[16:44] Tim: it's a classic
[16:44] Tim: and I don't you guys that Avatar was still behind Jurrasic Park (#17)
[16:45] Chris : yeah yeah
[16:45] Chris : Avatar's just gotta pass Dark Knight and then it'll be the most recent one in the top....
[16:46] Chris : none of these old ones matter, they never happened
[16:46] Chris : what's a Ben Hur?
[16:46] Chris : or a Doctor Zaius
[16:47] Andrew: isn't that 12 monkeys?
[16:48] Andrew: I didn't think it did that well....
[16:48] Chris :
[16:48] Andrew: ben hur, dun dat?
[16:48] Tim: Crazy how Phantom Menace is so high on both lists. If only people knew what the movie/series reboot was actually going to like - they wouldn't have gone
[16:48] Chris : yeah, timing/history of some of these things........
[16:48] Chris : where's Matrix I .....
[16:48] Chris : (like, a few years later, if everyone knew about the effects, would have been huge....)
[16:49] Chris : like how Spider Man and Transformers etc gets on there....
[16:49] Chris : good stuff anyways

we should post this list for reference in the kitchen
[16:49] Chris : haha
[16:50] Tim: where is Jimmy Kimmel?
[16:54] Andrew: I think there was a scheduling conflict, but Coco has a new movie coming out. After that show with the Dixie Chick girl's husband finishes up. You know that actor with the DUI?
[16:54] Tim: Mel Gibson ?
[16:56] Andrew: no, not the show on the spanish network
[17:00] Chris : what the heck are you guys talking about
[17:01] Chris : what does Kimmel and Dixie Chicks have to do with.....
[17:01] Tim: apparently the bumble bee man is actually Mel Gibson, and he's married to the Dixie Chicks
[17:01] Tim: Aye Aye ayeeeeeeee
[17:01] Chris : speaking of Kimmel
[17:01] Tim: (ayee@cbl)
[17:02] Andrew: I I iPad...
[17:02] Chris : Jimmy Kimmel Live! ... is "the only late-night talk show in the United States that doesn't tape in the afternoon,"
[17:02] Andrew: that's the Kia guy - Ayeeee!
[17:02] Chris : it is at night! ha!
[17:03] Tim: taped at 7:00 pm Pacific Time on the day of broadcast (two hours before it reaches air on the East Coas
[17:03] Chris : that's night enough for me
[17:03] Tim:!
[17:04] Chris : noted

point was, is at night.....the concerts are at night
[17:04] Tim: no.. you actually thought it was "live"
[17:04] Chris : that's not live? it's live for us
[17:05] Chris : oh, give or take a few hours
[17:05] Tim: schroink
[17:05] Chris : ^spell check!
[17:05] Tim: how would you spell it ?
[17:05] Andrew: so when does he get time to tape the man show?
[17:05] Tim: anytime in 2003
[17:05] Andrew: so he's a dick?
[17:06] Andrew: zoop?
[17:06] Chris : what is schroink? it's not like a pig noise...
[17:06] Chris : skroign
[17:06] Chris : hahaha
[17:06] Andrew: groin?
[17:06] Chris : right!
[17:06] Andrew: "I like where this is going!"
[17:06] Chris : Andrew's the authority obviously.
[17:06] Andrew: you've got the pig for it? yuck
[17:07] Chris : this is the best MSN chat since that kid who eats worms!
[17:07] Andrew: when did you stop?
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[17:07] Andrew: not that easy!
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[17:07] Andrew: lol

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