Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Set it up for me Tom Hanks

We've been talking about movies alot at lunch lately. Conversations always seem to land on listing off some actor or movie series' IMDB listing from memory as best we can.
Replacing Chris' "Where's that from?" is now "Set it up for me" or variant "Set the clip up for us" .. ala talk showsTom Hanks Themepark
If you were to build a Tom Hanks Themepark, there a tons of attractions you could have:
giant piano from Big
cop car from Turner & Hooch

Meg Ryan wax models in a number of roles
Running track or meet the president video recreation from Forrest Gump (countless other options for this)Broken Apollo spacecraft from Apollo 13
Toy Story set
Giant FedEx plane crash set from Cast Away

Some sort of Catholic mystery from The Da Vinci Code

This list goes on...

Final notes:

How to Track a bad guy or escape a kidnapping

Sneakers (Robert Redford) vs The Edison Twins

Sneakers had some car trunk kidnapping sort of thing...

The Edison Twins had some OJ incline trick where they traced the badguy based on the incline of the juice while car had been travelling up a winding hill road or something

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