Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Robot Family Chicken Guy: It's a Trap Episode III - Seth Green hints at war on Daily Show

When Seth Green strolled onto the stage on last night's Daily Show with Jon Stewart, it became clear that we are headed for some serious Star Wars battle.  Amidst some hype about the new Family Guy Star Wars episode coming out... Dec 21st.... we may have forgotten or overlooked that Seth Green and the evil Robot Chicken mad scientists of stopmotion were slated to release their own latest masterpiece - Episode 3 -- at the same time!  Both are vying for the Christmas season love of the legions of Star Wars fans I guess.  Robot Chicken edging the competition with a dec 19th air date -- of course, contributing to our hype about the Family Guy one is the leak that appeared on the net last week.

Seth Green guest on The Daily Show 7 Dec 2010
Seth and Jon Stewart talked mostly about how the Star Wars Robot Chicken came about and how Lucasfilm had contacted them initally.  Funny moments included Stewart asking how they felt being asked to visit the Lucas Ranch, not knowing really if they were in trouble for spoofing Star Wars without permission.  "Yeah, we thought maybe at any second that we'd be thrown into a Rancor pit" -- to which Jon Stewart remarked after laughing, "we are losing our audience by the second..talking about Rancor pits etc"..haha

Anyways -- rest assured, being massive massive fans of both epic Star Wars spoof trilogies, we can expect more great laughs and stuff to corrupt our memories of the actual movies.

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