Friday, February 11, 2011

Yesterday's Cheese 2-Year Anniversary!

Yes, that's right, The Cheese has been rollin along for 2 Years today.  It all started with Our Favourite Dianes and has carried on as an archive of stuff from random conversations and stuff from the internet that impacted us in some way (read: LOLz from teh interwebs).

We've also gotten better at this whole posting/blogging thing too.  Staying on top of all the trends and what's awesome has caused a nice upward trend in traffic -- pretty c00l.

Maybe we'll tweak the look in the future but the main focus is to hopefully continue posting (we've been lacking a bit lately, but maybe because we lost a bit of touch with our top poster or the internet has not been as funny lately, haha).

YC! continues to be a fun little place to share links and content, so here's to the future, whatever randomness that may bring!

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