Monday, January 9, 2012

My First Dictionary Corrupting The Cheese One Word at a Time

We have a new contestant in the recent battle of print books around these parts.  The battle that started, -- when we got a second contestant (I mean, who has print books around, ebook battles would be lame).

After hyping it up for a week post-holidays, today Andrew revealed this intriguing collection of humour (with a 'u') he received from his parents.  My First Dictionary is a satirical children's dictionary with some crazy definitions coupled with innocent-styled illustrations.  My immediate comment when flipping through it and reading some was "it's like it was written by The Internet". And indeed, it fits comfortably on stage in front of that online crowd because where does alot of the material live? That's right, on the net, in the author Ross Horsley's My First Dictionary blog.

My First Dictionary book cover with creepy but appropriate 'innocent' illustrations

Some examples, that don't even scratch the surface:

Nostalgic: Father is nostalgic. He is remembering the happier times before you were born.
Zigzag: zigzag is a jagged line. We can tell that Mother has been drinking when she drives in a zigzag pattern. 

They get crazier, just check the blog.  Definitely worth some lunchtime entertainment or a random 'definition of the day' to put a smile on the faces of colleagues, friends and family. (maybe not so much the small children -- please keep this away from them.)

(what was the other print book contestant? Another language-related thing of course. I think MFD wins this round purely on the basis of being in, you know, English.)

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