Monday, August 27, 2012

Star Wars Detours animated series clips

After being under strict wraps for a long time, the formerly known as "Untitled Star Wars animated tv series" - now known as Star Wars Detours - was recently revealed to the world through a trailer and series of promo clips (watch the 6 clip playlist below).  The notable thing about it is that Star Wars uber-geeks and Robot Chicken masterminds Seth Green and friends are involved.  So what you get is an animated version of the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials sort of.  It's hard to knock as those specials are legend-ary.  Definitely some of the funniest, most rewatched and referenced humour around Yesterday's Cheese.  And on that note, it seems fitting that this post, our 500th, is on the Star Wars humour tip. Not only is it our most frequent post tag, but like I said, the Star Wars Robot Chicken episodes are easily some of our favorite stuff ever. Anyways, we'll see where Detours goes  - tagline for the show is "the other side of the stars, between the wars". It might end up pretty cheesy, but as far as Star Wars humour goes, should be pretty hard to screw up.

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