Thursday, March 21, 2013

SkyDome Big - Star Trek TNG Cast Reports to the Bridge in Toronto

It wasn't that long ago we marveled at the TNG cast reunion, the stuff of dreams, taking place at the somewhat odd and unexpected event of the Calgary Comic Expo in May.  The cast seems to all get along really well, and obviously the demand for such a thing isn't going down anytime soon, so a stopover in Canada's largest city Toronto was bound to happen.  It was minus a few crew members of seasons past, @wilw and Tasha Yar.  But that's ok, we get enough Wheaaatttonnn on BBT and Tasha Yar was killed off so early by that black tar pool.

I won't get into photo lifting and video posting in this post -- the newer/rogue 'fanexpo'-type event was somewhat under-reported  but still some dedicated fans have been posting photos and scouring for great moments after the fact. Two I happened upon stand out and should be all you need.

One is this German (?) guy who's archived tons of great photos. Bilder und Videos von der Toronto ComiCon

And then there this humorous rundown on HuffPoCA of the 47 Best Moments Of An Evening With The Cast

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