Thursday, January 23, 2014

iPartment x Big Bang Theory - Chinese sitcom scene comparison

A recent article focused on the fact that The Big Bang Theory actually has a decent following in China.  Understandably, the younger, more modern and connected generation has more than a few geeks in its ranks and is drawn to the US sitcom.

More interesting is that Chinese tv producers have taken notice and like all things, have actually built multiple homegrown shows that appear to borrow (steal/plagiarize) plot lines and ideas from BBT.  Particularly is one popular show called iPartment. (爱情公寓)

While the show is a bit more general about some twenty-somethings living in Shanghai, some very familiar character-types and scenes appear in the show.  Sure enough, found this handy comparison video by some Chinese video site user that shows BBT clips and iPartment ones.  Wacky as always, see if you can follow along.

Of course, Big Bang is no stranger to imitation. There was that other story about the duplicate show out of Belarus, The Theorists, that even Chuck Lorre commented on in one of his regular end of episode vanity cards.  Of course, in that case, when the actors found out that they were cast in a rip of BBT, they wanted nothing to do with it. haha

Sources: Why Is The Big Bang Theory Big in China? and video found there 爱情公寓抄袭生活大爆炸片段

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