Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chris finally goes Mac, just so he can use Time Machine for backups

"Marty!   Marty!   Your kids' photos, Marty!   We gotta go back in time to restore them before the system crashed, Marty!"

A scale replica DeLorean "Time Machine" compatible external hard drive.  OMG this is perfect.

I wonder if the transfer speed is 88Mb/sec?   Hmmmmm......



  1. posting a comment just so the sidebar here doesn't look like "recent" on the wiki

  2. you wrote a comment and it's about commenting. Lame.

    why not actually think of something creative

  3. Actually, commenting about commenting really is a creative use of commenting to comment on the absurdity of our vanity comment system. Now if we had an audience and some sort of interaction with other human beings....