Monday, November 29, 2010

Double Down Take Down Rewarded!

Received an envelope from what I guessed was KFC Canada today -- inside was a little something for the video I made about our Double Down Take Down lunch antics at the office. Ages ago now, somewhere around the height of the DD craze (awhile after our actual DD Day), KFC posted they wanted to see the best Canadian Double Down videos.  Didn't think much of it initially, but at the last second, decided what the heck, and submitted my video.  I jokingly asked them how many Canadian vids there could possibly be, as I'd only seen one or two floating around.

Anyways, sure enough, this finally showed up (I did wonder if it got eaten in the post):
Thank you! Enjoy. Gift Certificate courtesy of KFC's PR Firm, Strategic Objectives
Pretty cool. Nice reward for a fun video project.  Our arteries earned it! haha..etc..

Best part is I just realized the g/c is good for TACO BELL as well, ohh yesss.


  1. oh man -- just realized this is Post Number 300! haha! Perfect! nailed it!