Sunday, March 6, 2011

Double Egg: The Fugitive Seinfeld Comeback

Remember the bad doctor character from The Fugitive? Dr. Charles Nichols?  Now, recall the Seinfeld episode ("The Comeback") where Jerry plays tennis against a eastern european pro shop owner who sucks at tennis - guy called Miloš?  Are they the same guy?
Random lookalike question of the week, very random. You be the judge.  I'm not really seeing it, but I love both The Fugitive and Seinfeld, so here we go.

Actually: Left:The Fugitive's Charles Nichols Jeroen Krabbé and Right:Miloš Seinfeld Mark Harelik
Mark Harelik
(Miloš from Seinfeld)
Jeroen Krabbé
(Charles Nichols
The Fugitive)
Here's a pic of Miloš from the Seinfeld ep

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