Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Early In Their IMDBs: Sarah Jessica Parker was in Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator - awesome 80s Disney sci-fi movie - had Sarah Jessica Parker in it! The cute nurse!

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carolyn McAdams in Flight of the Navigator
That's right, early in her career, as she started to skyrocket to stardom with a bunch of mid-80s movie roles, one we might forget is the role of Carolyn McAdams in FOTN.  She was the intern (nurse? whatever), at the crazy NASA facility that befriends the main kid character, David.  Anyways, point is, SJP was in this cult classic in those early days, and it even had Pee-Wee Herman in it (Paul Ruebens voiced the alien/ship under a screen name "Paul Mall"!)

More Pics:
Hi, I'm Carolyn McAdams
"yeah, I went to a concert with
some friends last night...,
{Who'd you see?}...
Twisted Sister."
--SJP rocks some '86 style

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