Friday, April 15, 2011

SNL Celebrity Jeopardy - The Complete Glorious History (in videos!)

Much beloved SNL skit series from arguably one of the golden eras of the long running show is Celebrity Jeopardy.  Created by Norm MacDonald, who's rearing his head on TV again via Comedy Central's Sports Show, the skit featured a number of memorable characters like Sean Connery (played by Darrell Hammond) and found a way to include impressions from the cast and guests of the show into numerous sketches.  Who can forget some classic Will Ferrell moments as Alex Trebek too.
FunnyOrDie has posted all the skits for viewing, freeing them from the clutches of region-blocking NBC hell!

Start with one of our faves - featuring classic Sean Connery's "Suck it Trebek" and check out others whenever you're looking for a laugh.

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