Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jack Layton's Star Trek past: Where No NDP Leader Has Gone Before

A bit of local fare for a minute here, as this is too good to pass up.
Believe this originally goes back to some digging up by writers at Maclean's and the Toronto Star in 2009, this is a pic of none other than New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton, in a Star Trek TNG costume of all things (and with hair, but that's another matter).  Circa 1991 Toronto, at a Star Trek convention.  Star Trek was SkyDome big!

NDP Leader Jack Layton, Star Trek Convention, Toronto,Canada 1991
His politician wife Olivia Chow even confirmed that this is not a photoshop job either.  Amazing.
Relevant, other than the funny geek Trek connection, in that Jack Layton is currently riding an election campaign wave in Canada to levels one could say no NDP Leader Has Gone Before.

This by no means indicates I or any of the contributors to YC! are voting NDP in the upcoming Canadian Federal Election.

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