Sunday, May 1, 2011

The President's Speech - Obama Comedy at Correspondents' Dinner

Obama took to the podium for a round of Presidential comedic stylings that are the norm for the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.  A bit of multimedia came into play courtesy of 'State-Run Media Productions' -  a spoof movie trailer for a sequel to last year's The King's Speech.

It had other crazy moments too, such as none other than Donald Trump being in the audience!  Obama didn't hold back and took the opportunity to tear into him too!  Great stuff.

There were plenty of other good lines and moments.  Following Obama was headliner Seth Myers with some SNL Weekend Update punchlines.  There are more clips around YouTube if you look.  A relaxing fun end to a week that had madness about Birth Certificates as well as terrible storms in the south and on-going wars in the Middle East/Africa etc.

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  1. just when you thought Obama's comedic stylings couldn't get any better - he's about to announce Osama is dead..... what's that? it's not a joke? oh wow!