Thursday, May 3, 2012

All Senior Staff Report to the Bridge - TNG Crew Reunion pic

Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) cast reunion Calgary with Team Webcomics fans in back
The Next Gen reunion event was pretty neat but getting your photo taken with the cast (for x amount of $) takes the cake.  Shouts out to Team Webcomics who got one of the better photos with everyone's favorite bridge crew. They claim it was a massive photobombing by Jean-Luc and his merry band.  (Thanks for the tip Kevin Fox)

Update May 4th, 2012:
Another example of one of these fan photos with the full cast. This one maybe didn't turn out as good as above - -but I'm sure it made this guy's day...err, life. TNG4Ever indeed.
Captain Sweatpants' best day ever.
Oh, and the cost for various cast member photos at Calgary Expo..standard sort of 'Con' things I guess.
Photo Op schedule and pricing for TNG cast members at Calgary Comic Expo

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