Friday, July 8, 2011

Flight of the Navigator NASA Hat for Final Flight of the Space Shuttle

A lot of net and media hype about the final space shuttle launch today (or this weekend if weather screws it up as usual..).  Cannot help but not have a good positive feeling about it, despite the accomplishments of the program and people's love for the whole thing as evidenced by the 750,000 watchers expected to head to Cape Canaveral to see the event.  Read one comment that said it brought a feeling of the 'end of hope for the future' and that is a good description of my sentiments too.

When stopping to think about what it means/feels like, the first thought that comes into my mind is the kid in Flight of the Navigator wearing a NASA hat.  NASA in that movie may have represented sort of the antagonist entity but it also represented this great forward thinking hub of innovation and a look to our collective dream of the future.  It was the 1980s etc etc. hehe

This picture is a good one for right now:
Feelings about the final Space Shuttle Launch - David from Flight of the Navigator in NASA cap
Okay, ranting/ downer post perhaps.  So here's a pic of none other than young Sarah Jessica Parker, also from Flight of the Navigator.  Yeah, that's right, SJP was in Flight of the Navigator. Lighten the mood a bit.

Carolyn McAdams (Sarah Jessica Parker) saying don't cry for the Space Shuttle

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