Monday, July 25, 2011

Robot Chicken Star Wars at Comic-Con 1976?

Action figure re-creation of the Star Wars table at Comic-Con 1976 by Stephen Hayford
As far as we can tell Seth Green and the Robot Chicken crew did not do any Delorean time travelling here.  This is a re-creation of the scene at Comic-Con in 1976 when Star Wars had its first booth/table.  As you well know, the movie had not even come out yet, so this is an interesting moment circa BSW (Before Star Wars),

Star Wars booth at Comic-Con 1976
Some of the details of the scenes are interesting.  "Super 8" in the background reminds of a certain JJ Abrams/Spielberg film only out now..ha. The woman - not in Slave Leia gear - might be the first female fan? haha

See some more homage and background pics on the official post here

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