Monday, July 18, 2011

The Double Down Strikes Back - KFC Double Down Lunch Antics Episode II

With the KFC Double Down sandwich making a return to Canada, it was inevitable that our little lunch crew would end up seeking it out.  Finally, before its limited engagement ended, without much planning a quick mission was arranged and we set out to meet the challenge and conquer the Double Down once again.  The journey, consumption and antics that ensued are nothing short of epic.  Well, not really -- but definitely full of enough randomness, memes, and even Angry Birds -- all fueled by our fascination with the legendary sandwich, its "uniqueness", and frivolous gluttony.  Yeah, we know the fascination is borderline strange now...hehe

Of course the cameras were on full roll in hopes that some sort of Episode II could be fashioned after.  And here it is...

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