Friday, October 22, 2010

Lunch Adventures: DD day

The countdown started when we read the news. October 18th circled on our calendars. The day the KFC Double Down came to Canada. No, we did not line up to sample yet-another-fine-cuisine brought to us courtesy of our neighbors to the south. No. We decided this event was better suited for a Friday ... when little work would get done anyways.

The Road Trip

What can I say? Charged with the duty to safely transport our lunches back to the office (oh yeah and the passengers too) I cursed every car in my way. Get the fuckouttamyway! I'm on a mission! Plus I'm hungry! What can I say? I turn into my evil twin when I get behind the wheel.

Parking was a minor inconvenience and after a stop off at Best Buy we were in line to order the sodium overdosed treat. 4 combos to go. Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew (seriously? who drinks that?) and 2 Pepsis. $6.99 for the "sandwich" and $8.99 for the combo. Damn, this had better be one good lunch. Popcorn chicken and the Taco Bell Crunchwrap tempted us as side orders but we came to our senses.

The trip back was marred by the voice of a 40s gangster guy cross mixed with Chief Wiggum. Captain who? Why is the bag so greasy? And what's that about the seat being wet?

The Main Event

Arranged in a pleasing manner for the photo op, the victims quickly grabbed their bag and dove into the Double Down. "What? There's no bread?!" "This isn't a regular piece of chicken" "Hmm, not bad" "Om nom nom!" "OMG look at the grease" "Mountain Dew?! Who drinks Mountain Dew?!" "Ugh, these fries are terrible"

Thoughts: tasty. The chicken, the bacon, and the sauce work together to produce a magical party in your mouth to which all the farm animals are invited. The cheese had some mixed reactions but the overall consensus was that the cheese had no flavor. The sodium issue was noticeable for one of our victims but generally it was considered be "saltier" than other comparable fast food dining options.

The Aftermath

Nobody dialed 9-1-1. Nobody required CPR. I'd have to say the KFC Double Down is something you should try, assuming you are a reasonably healthy individual. This isn't another Whopper or Big Mac, this is an entirely different food experience. Gluttonous, unhealthy, salty, and a "chickeny-bacon-goodness". That being said I wouldn't let any kids eat an entire one of these. As well I certainly would not add this to my regular eating routine.

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